24.04.2008: Wat doet hij indie rok?! (Part One: Waterfront, Rdam)

We always like to be in Waterfront and especially when we're playing at a kick off party like this one with AC Berkheimer and The City Beautiful. Expect more of this to come in the near future: www.myspace.com/watdoethij

13.03.2008: Exit, Rotterdam

Playing in our home town again. This time in Exit (http://www.exit.nl) together with the incredible Yobkiss. Party on!

14.12.2007: Solaire does State X festival

We have been asked to play at the State X festival in The Hague on December 14th and we humbly accepted. We'll be playing some new material which rocks, so you owe it yourself to be there.

14.09.2007: Hijgend Hert, Breda

Solaire returns for one last time to Breda. We will be playing at Hijgend Hert at around 2130h.

14.07.2007: Plein Open 2007, Den Haag

Closing the underground stage of the Plein Open festival this year. Nicccccce

15.06.2007: WORM, Rotterdam

Solaire returns to WORM! We will be playing for our record label on this particular evening. We should have lots of new material by then so you should be there. Other bands playing that night: NiCad, Mummy's A Tree, Lushus, Pourquoi me Reveiller and Mucho Maestro.

03.06.2007: Virus Festival, Eindhoven

We have been invited to play at the Virus Festival in Eindhoven! Besides us a lot of cool other bands are going to play there, it would be nice if you came as well.

29.04.2007: Hele Gave Huiskameravond #3, Rotterdam

Solaire has been invited to play at the "Hele Gave Huiskameravond". An evening full of cool performances from the comfort of someone else's home. The party is going to be here!

27.04.2007: Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam

We have been asked to play as support for Replikas, a cool band from Turkey, so you should really be there as well!

20.04.2007: Waterfront Club 3voor12, Rotterdam

We will be playing for 3voor12 in Waterfront, Rotterdam.

02.03.2007: W2, Den Bosch

we will be playing with Toman and Madensuyu in W2! for more information see here.

09.02.2007: Onderbroek, Nijmegen (CANCELLED)

i'll be damned! playing with sennen again! that is really cool.

02.02.2007: Perron 55, Venlo

We will be playing together with Eagle*Seagull, see here. It's gonna be cool.

19.01.2007: Exit, Rotterdam

another semi-acoustic performance by solaire together with the bullfight!

05.01.2007: Winston Kingdom, A'dam

playing together with our friends from sennen

23.12.2006: Manifesto, Hoorn

We will be the support act for for another great dutch band, The Gathering!

02.12.2006: Orange Flagship, R'dam

yes, yes, following in the footsteps of other great bands like dEUS and Kaiser Chiefs, we ar eplaying in the Orange Flagship Store around 4pm.

26.11.2006: Stalles, Rotterdam

This will be the first (and hopefully not the last) unplugged sessions Solaire will do. It's going to be special.

25.11.2006: Little Cave, R'dam

We will be performing in Little Cave, Rotterdam. See here for directions.

18.11.2006: Sounds, R'dam

An inhouse performance at the Sounds record store in Rotterdam. Sounds is located at Korte Hoogstraat 24, 3011 GL, Rotterdam.

05.11.2006: Effenaar, Eindhoven

We are proud to announce that Under Byen has asked us to play their support in the Effenaar, Eindhoven. You should really be there.

04.11.2006: Motorschiff Stubnitz

Together with Russian postrock band Klever this is going to be a nice evening of soothing guitar melodies and face melting distortion noise!

19.10.2006: Cul de Sac, Tilburg

We are headlining in Cul de Sac!

07.10.2006: WORM, Rotterdam

Our CD release party! We will be playing with Marie Celeste and Cellophane. Entry is 5 euro without CD and 8 euro with CD. See the news section for more info.

30.09.2006: Wapen van Delfshaven

Kind of a try out gig for our release party next week.

17.05.2006: Waterfront

On this magic wednesday night solaire will try and reach out to touch some lonesome spirits in Waterfront Cafe, Rotterdam. No damage i presume

06.05.2006: Nighttown

Solaire will be the support act for Tarantula AD, see here and here.

29.04.2006: Consul

At 12 in the afternoon solaire will perform in front of Consul, Rotterdam, in honour of Her Highness the Queen of Holland et cetera et cetera...

27.01.2006: Nighttown

solaire does Happy Avenue Festival in Nighttown, Rotterdam. be there around 2130h.

14.01.2006: De Beuk

the town of Barendrecht won't know what hit them.

22.12.2005: Kaatje P

the gig in Kaatje P, (Hogeschool) Rotterdam has not yet been confirmed, but it will be so keep this evening open. UPDATE: the gig is on, see you there!

16.12.2005: Nighttown

solaire featuring Millionaire, Nighttown Rotterdam, 1930h.

01.12.2005: Exit

solaire returns to amaze and astound in the Exit, Rotterdam (Mauritsstraat 173). we will start around 2200h.

11.11.2005: Tony and Guy

Tony and Guy's art guided by the sounds of SOLAIRE. Rotterdam Stadhuisplein.

04.11.2005: Boogje 1

Party in Boogje 1, Rotterdam