19.12.2007: Solaire back in business

After a short period of divorce, solaire is back together again and kicking! We played a few songs for RTV West last wednesday (see our myspace for recorded materials) and friday kicked butt on State-X New Forms in Paard van Troje. For an impression see this, or this, or this. See you next time, Gadget! MOEWAHAHAHA

25.03.2007: The Great Went video clip

We are proud to present our very first video clip, shot at our cd presentation in Worm and directed by Margarita Kouvatsou. Visit youtube, our myspace or this page to watch the clip and tell us what you think. Thnx. c u

19.02.2007: yes, we are still alive!

the new year has dawned upon us all and as you see we have changed our website (again). flash be gone (mostly)! we hope you like the new website, it should at least be a lot more accessible for all the internet noobs out there.
we've added some links to cd reviews in the press section, added new pictures and there is a discography section where you can download a couple of our songs.
and on a final note, because we are working hard on new material, there aren't a lot of shows planned at the moment, but as soon as we have a couple of new songs ready you can expect to see us playing somewhere near you! solaire out.

30.10.2006: First reviews and 3voor12

Our first album review is in and it's pretty good, check it out here. Next there is a review of our awesome release party here. And we have also been selected to appear on the prestiguous "3voor12 Luisterpaal" which you can see here. As always, if any other news reaches us you'll be the first to know.

08.10.2006: wow...

well, it looks like solaire is slowly creeping out of the obscure rotterdam underground, in which it came to life about a year ago. yesterday its brilliance was witnessed by nearly 200 people. to those who were there: thank you! to those who weren't there: muwahahahaha! this was truly an evening to remember... now solaire is moving on to conquer the rest of holland. first cul de sac in tilburg, than effenaar in eindhoven (with under byen), then groningen, then hoorn (to support the gathering). what's next...?

02.10.2006: CD release party!

Our official CD release party will be held on October 7 in WORM, Rotterdam. Together with Marie Celeste and Cellophane we are going to make this an evening to remember! CD included in 8 euro entrance fee! Directions to WORM can be found here. Doors open at 20:30!! 21:15 - Marie Celeste 22:00 - Cellophane 23:00 - Solaire

28.07.2006: first official release!

good news: our internet label Dying Giraffe is now going to release our first official cd. this will include both some of our older songs and the new songs we recorded a couple of weeks ago. Expect it to be available mid-October.

13.07.2006: satin robes

Solaire is back from the studios again, where we recorded a new EP. Check the 'songs' department for a little new song of ours. More will follow after we upload our brand new site. Soon.

07.07.2006: 3voor12 cd review

3voor12 have posted a cd review of our EP; "we are the new black". naturally they liked it alot. check it here.

06.07.2006: spammers must die

we have built a new spam filter for our guestbook. it is pretty strict so if you feel your posts are being blocked for the wrong reasons please let us know.

20.06.2006: cc nl dvd

our song, iamnotsad, has been selected to appear on the creative commons dvd. for more information click here

08.06.2006: new ep

solaire will be recording a new ep starting from july 1st. we suspect this ep will be finished quickly so keep an eye on our website for some new songs.

06.02.2006: dying giraffe

We're in! Check the website of our internet-label: dying giraffe

17.01.2006: we are the new black EP 3

our first EP is finished, a few songs can be downloaded from our website, check it out.

15.01.2006: we are the new black EP 2

After some very hard work our first EP is as good as ready and will be available from the 17th. Expect some higher quality downloads as well after this date.

17.12.2005: rock infused!

more than 100 spectators were left speechless last night after a stellar performance by solaire in Nighttown, Rotterdam. a real "you should have been there" moment.

16.12.2005: the old media

we dont know how but they found us! check our interview with rotterdams finest here.

06.12.2005: we are the new black EP

it has been confirmed, we are moving into the dark caverns of a studio to record our first CD. it will be a short release (4 songs?), mainly for promotional use. expect it to be ready around the end of January (maybe earlier).

12.11.2005: the beautiful people

our performance at tony & guy's fashion show was a complete success as expected... a lot of beautiful people there making us uncomfortable we pressed on and defied the unknowning looks and stares.

05.11.2005: it has begun

last night solaire revealed its almighty genius to a small crowd of lucky bystanders in Boogje 1, Rotterdam. Red wine flowed like a dying sun. Whipped cream on wicked women. The air was cold. Hearts raging.

02.11.2005: website

the new website is up and running!