Sunny is hardly the word with which to describe the atmospheric music of the Rotterdam post rock formation Solaire. The band was not called after our brightest star, but after a particularly ominous incident involving a heavy-set, angry, black woman on Schiphol airport, shouting and waving around a bag of Garniers Ambre Solaire at the time the band was being formed. But perhaps also after the flaming energy the band exhibits on stage.


Solaire should probably be labeled 'post rock', but those who expect the typical sound of Godspeed... and the likes might be surprised. Solaire tends to keep their songs shorter, compacter and more easily accessible. Their music sounds like a fresh new mix of bands like Mogwai, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky and Modest Mouse.


Somewhere in the summer of 2005, the two cousins Robert den Hertog and Koos de Wolf, after years of playing in separate bands, decided to start a band together. They invited friend and fellow guitarist Marco Coenradie and found drummer Heyme Baan through some other friends. The band started out with instrumental postrock following the tradition of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky. After some time they found the fifth and final member, Rogier van der Meijden, who added an extra dimension to the sound of the band by introducing samples and more subtle guitar melodies. Marco started experimenting with lyrics after which the sound of Solaire was fully formed to what it is today. Within a year of it's formation, Solaire has played in Nighttown, Rotterdam three times and closed a deal for a CD release with upcoming indie label Dying Giraffe Recordings.


Marco Coenradie
guitar, vocals
Koos de Wolf
Robert den Hertog
Heyme Baan
Reinier Vermeulen